Work together to find hidden clues, decode cleverly-crafted messages, and solve challenging puzzles -- all the while using keen observation and critical thinking in an interactive, live-action game experience that’s sure to test your wits!


Work together to find hidden clues, decode cleverly-crafted messages, and solve challenging puzzles -- all the while using keen observation and critical thinking in an interactive, live-action game experience that’s sure to test your wits!

4-6 Players

Your poor behavior has landed you in-school Saturday detention. Your detention supervisor, Mr. Verner, has left for his lunch hour. Mr. Verner’s not interested in spending the rest of his...

6-10 Players

Camelot is in most utter chaos! Excalibur has gone missing and only one of King Arthur’s most trusted brothers could have accomplished such a despicable act.

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Want 'em to love you? Give them a gift voucher to the Morgantown Escape Room! You buy the voucher; they then decide when and what game they want to play! You can buy a voucher for multiple visits or multiple players! Gift vouchers make great birthday presents and stocking stuffers!

The process is simple. Once you purchase a voucher, via email, you will receive a printable voucher with instructions for your gift recipient to redeem the voucher. It's that simple!


Escape games are excellent for team building — whether small businesses, sports teams, clubs, organizations — or corporations! The reason? A successful escape is always the result of true teamwork! And, what makes it so great is that everyone has a fantastic time, never realizing they’re actually using all of the skill sets that are the making of great teams — communication, problem solving, critical thinking and a healthy dose of creativity!

It’s a Birthday Breakout!

The Morgantown Escape Room is just about the best place in Morgantown for a one-of-a-kind birthday celebration! Not only will the birthday gal or guy love it, your guests will love it! And, we will do our best to make sure your celebration is extra special — complete with a crazy birthday hat and special “birthday” themed social media signs!

When you book your bithday escape, use the promo code BIRTHDAY50 for 50% off the experience of the birthday guy or gal! (Please be ready to show proof of your date of birth when you arrive for your game. We also ask that you please play within seven days of your birthday.) Have questions about bringing a cake? See our FAQ section below to learn more about Haught Diggity Dogz just next door to us!


1What is an Escape Room?
Escape rooms are a fun and relatively new live-action entertainment opportunity for small groups. While the task is challenging, the goal is simple — work together to escape in 60 minutes or less! No doubt you’ll have a zany time testing your wits as you solve puzzles, decode messages and find clues. Book your room now and see if you have what it takes to work under pressure and escape!
2How do I book a game?
All games are booked here online. We are unable to accept reservations over the telephone. You must pre-purchase your experience via our online booking system.
3Do I need to book my game in advance or the day of?
We strongly encourage advance booking if you want to guarantee your spot. Waiting until the “day of” your experience will most likely result in your spot already being taken.
4Will I be playing with people I don’t know?
Well, that depends. If you want to play with friends, you can book an entire room and invite friends to join you! However, many people tell us that some of their favorite escape experiences are when they play with people they don’t know. Go ahead. Try it! It’s a great way to make new friends... fast!
5Can I bring my baby or young child?
We discourage playing the game and bringing small children. The game involves so much concentration and high-energy interaction that little folks get lost in the shuffle. Unfortunately, we’ve seen experiences at other escape rooms where distracted parents permitted young children to cry, run about, and play with clues — making problem-solving difficult for others. We want our escape room to be a GREAT experience for everyone involved. With that being said, we encourage you to get a sitter for the evening while you enjoy one of the best escape rooms around!
6What’s the recommended age for the escape experience?
An escape room is designed to be a challenging experience that requires teamwork for success. Therefore, we recommend our games for those 14 and older due to the complexity of the puzzles, riddles and clues. We have seen children as young as 10 years old do well with the game as long as they are playing with a team that consists primarily of adults. Please use your discretion. Players who are 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult.
7What time should I arrive?
You should plan to arrive exactly 15 minutes early. The clock begins ticking and your game will start promptly at your scheduled time. We are unable to delay the start of games.
8What is the cost?
The price is $25 per person on Friday and Saturday and $23 per person during weekdays.
9Where are you located?
We’re located at 12 Commerce Drive, Westover, WV 26501 -- directly behind the McDonald’s on Fairmont Road (Rt. 19). If you’re traveling I-79, you’ll get off at the Westover Exit.
10How long will I be there?
The entire experience at the Morgantown Escape Room should take about 90 minutes — this includes arriving 15 minutes early, spending 60 minutes (or less if you escape early) in the game room, and then 10 to 15 minutes for debriefing and photo opportunities.
11Are we really locked in the room?
Yes and no. Yes, you are locked in the room. However, for safety purposes, you will have the ability to quickly exit the room at anytime for any reason.
12Do you offer gift cards or gift vouchers?
Yes! We are happy to offer gift vouchers. A gift voucher redeemable online for an escape room experience makes a great birthday gift or stocking stuffer! To purchase a gift voucher, click here.
13Do you offer refunds?
We do not offer refunds. However, we do provide the opportunity to reschedule your experience (change your date and/or time), as long as you do so at least 48 hours prior to your game time. In order to reschedule, simply click the link on the confirmation email you received when you made your reservation. Please make sure you are on time for your game experience. (We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes early as we are unable to delay the start of games for tardy guests. The clock begins ticking at your exact start time.)
14Is this a game for those who are “super intelligent?”
No, certainly not. While super-hero-like brain power is plus, an escape room experience is for everyone! And, to be successful, you have to work together — using the varied strengths and observation skills of those on your team.
15Do you host team building opportunities, birthday parties and special events?
Yes, we do! Please use our “Contact Us” form on the website or email us at info@morgantownescaperoom.com and provide us your name, contact information and details about your desired event.
16What’s the history of escape room games?
The concept initially started with online games where players tried to find clues to escape a virtual room. Live-action game rooms are a relatively new concept with the first rooms emerging only about 10 years ago in several Asian cities. Today, thanks to the outrageous, interactive fun of this real-life puzzling adventure, escape rooms are found all across Europe and in major American cities.
17Do you offer discounts?
We offer a birthday discount if you are having a birthday within 7 days of your scheduled game date. That coupon code is Birthday50.
18If we are having a birthday celebration, can we bring a cake? Do you have a private room for parties?
While we don't have a private room for birthday parties, we're super excited to be located next door to Haught Diggity Dogz. Haught Diggity looks like a retro grill and has the most delicious hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken salads (with a house dressing that is incredible) -- and Hershey's ice-cream! Haught Diggity has created a birthday special for our customers. For $6 per person, your guests will receive a hot dog, chips, soda, and one scoop of Hershey's ice-cream. And, you can bring a cake with you! To take advantage of this offer, contact Haught Diggity and make advance arrangements. The number is (304) 291-3649. You're gonna love Haught Diggity! Great folks and great food!